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I never thought I would live this long. I always thought a freak accident would take my life and I have known that feeling since about 12.
Now as selfish as it sounds, I wish upon it. I crave it. The last season finale that leaves everyone on a cliff hanger.
I don’t necessarily want the cowards way out as some call it. But at the same time when does the pain stop?
Endless nights of trying to be. Trying to be better, trying everything to get to a point of happiness.
Being sexually abused myself, that shit never goes away.
Especially when it happened for years by my grandfather without anyone knowing.
It wears on me.
I’m no john snow
I’m no mother of dragons
I’m no Sansa or Aria
I’m no Hannah, Shoash, jessa.
I’m no Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Rick or Daryl
I’m not even a fucking Joffrey
I’m me. And I hate me
With a passion I hate me
I hate that I can hate myself so much
I want it all to end


How do you grow something that doesn’t want to be grown. You can’t. You can’t change people’s stars. Only they can. Express yourself take chances don’t be held back don’t be held down

Where we come from should not define us. What we been through does not define us. Labels are placed. Preconceived notions are drowning us in our own fear. Live love laugh. Let not fear of the fear of fear take over
Breakthrough, be passionate, be overwhelmed. Cause everything comes to an end. And no one knows what or when that is. So live it up

I as well stand with Dylan Farrow

The Belle Jar

Trigger warning for talk of rape 

Preface the victim’s open letter about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her father with a statement saying that he deserves the presumption of innocence. Always approach situations like this with the thought that the victim might be lying; remind yourself and others that the burden of proof is on her.

Insist on referring to the victim as the rapist’s “adopted daughter,” as if that mitigates what he has done. Using subtle language cues like this, imply that though it might be rape, it’s not really incest because the the rapist is not the victim’s biological father. Pretend that adoptive parents somehow feel differently about their children than biological parents do.

Like the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, insist on your ability to differentiate between an artist and their art. As a spokesperson for the organization said, “The…

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Peter and I ran away to Pala Mesa Resort. Night photos and romance.